People-oriented Belief

    All successful companies are built by exceptional staff. McWong believes:

    Our staff is the most valuable asset at McWong, so we pay much attention to the diversification of staff training and give them broad space to perform.

    That responsibility is a driving force to grow a successful company. McWong inspires our staff to think more, do more and communicate more to feel more responsible for our clients and our work.

    The quality of our staff directly impacts project results. Every time we complete a project or sell a product, we feel that it is the professional knowledge and the abilities of our staff that make McWong successful.

    Only staff is accepted by our clients can direct the survival and development of McWong.

    People-oriented Belief is our eternal business philosophy.


    One-step Service

    McWong brings you a brand new concept of environmental management, provides you a complete and one-step environmental services.

    From project planning, engineering, design, equipment procurement to facility operation and maintenance, McWong will use its own experiences and resources to help you at any time and anywhere you need. Years of experiences in plenty of environmental treatment projects, we have to such a revelation: adapt to local conditions.

    We carefully propose the right solution for each project. Listen carefully to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of any special requirements of our clients, and then our experienced, ingenious, and innovative staff will help our clients achieve their goals to the maximum extent possible.

    McWong also provides our clients with a complete set of thoughtful services from technical support to facility operation and maintenance service.

    We can go to the site to help our clients, discuss with our clients’ engineers, give you professional guidance. We never judge anything in vain, we demand that everything be done.

    Reliable technology, advanced equipment, competitive price, and first-class service.


    High Quality Commitment

    More and more companies emphasize the importance of quality. In McWong, each employee is more personally experienced.

    Talk to any employee of McWong, you will feel our value and enthusiasm for quality.

    In McWong, quality is not a noun, but a verb, which is the moment of our pursuit of quality of life.

    It is because of our continuous improvement of technology and outstanding service to our clients that our clients renew and cooperate with us again and again.

    In McWong, we have a strong partnership with clients every day in all kinds of work.

    With advanced technology and high-quality products to create better solutions for environmental treatment projects to help our clients face and transcend challenges.

    Experience high quality is McWong's commitment to you.

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