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    Epidemic Protection, Ensure Production

    Release Time:2020-04-07

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    Epidemic Protection, Ensure Production

    With the gradual improvement of the domestic COVID-19 epidemic situation, the emergency response level of major public health emergencies in Shanghai has been adjusted from primary response to secondary response from 0:00 on March 24. Promoting the resumption of production and production of enterprises has gradually become the focus of everyone's attention. While continuing to attach great importance to the epidemic prevention and control work, McWong also paid great attention to the epidemic prevention and control work of various projects. Pay attention to epidemic prevention, ensure production, and further consolidate the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control, and coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and corporate production.

    McWong's Water Treatment Facility of Chenggang Steel Group in Hebei Province

    In order to conscientiously implement the “Safety Production Law“ during the epidemic, the Chenggang Water Treatment Facility conducted emergency rescue drills at the project site for power outages in the cooling water pump station area. And use the “DingDing“software to conduct “limited space operation safety training“ and “falling object safety training“ for all personnels.

    Chengang Steel client witnesses the power failure emergency drill performed by McWong's professional team

    Summarize after power failure emergency drill

    Place life buoys in each pool in accordance with the requirements of the Safety Department of Chenggang.

    McWong's Water Treatment Facility of Handan Steel Project in Hebei Province

    Safety and craft exams in March

    McWong's Water Treatment Facility of Anhui Huayi Chemical Group in Wuhu City, Anhui Province(BOO Project)

    Work safety during the epidemic

    McWong ZLD Facility of Taihua Chemical Group in Shanxi Province

    During the epidemic and during the Spring Festival, the staff of the McWong Taihua project site insisted on disinfection every day, and strictly followed the regulations to protect them. Everyone wore a mask, and daily monitoring of body temperature and records of disinfection and temperature monitoring. At the same time, learn related virus knowledge and anti-epidemic measures, as well as training and publicity on site-related operational precautions during the epidemic to ensure the health of employees and stable production during the epidemic.

    In order to prevent and control the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases, establish a rapid response mechanism, and compile and publish the “Emergency Plan for Prevention and Control of Coronary Pneumonia in McWong Taihua Project“

    McWong Baosteel Project Site

    Daily disinfection work on the project site

    McWong Water Facility for Coca-cola in Shanghai

    On-site daily inspection and disinfection

    McWong Yuntianhua ZLD project Construction Site in Yunnan Province

    With the gradual stabilization of the epidemic nationwide, the McWong Yuntianhua project site has officially resumed full work on March 20, and the site work is proceeding steadily as planned. In accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention document of McWong Headquarters and the specific implementation requirements of the Engineering Department, the McWong Yuntianhua project site prepared the re-use and epidemic prevention plan for the waste water resource utilization and emission reduction project, and strengthened the post-reconstruction work of the project site. According to the actual situation, all personnel involved in the project must pass the four-fold inspection of the Shuifu Municipal Government, Yuntianhua Project Department, McWong Project Department, and Tianhong Project Department before they can enter the construction site.

    On-site daily training and disinfection work

    Full resumption of the project site

    McWong Northwest Energy Project Site in Inner Mongolia Province

    During the epidemic situation, the front-line personnel at the project site earnestly studied the epidemic prevention and control knowledge, strictly followed the epidemic prevention requirements, and did a good job in epidemic situation monitoring, investigation, and early warning. Actively cooperate with the owner (Northwest Nenghua) to prevent and control the epidemic situation, achieve daily monitoring and reporting of employee body temperature, and complete the task of resuming production scientifically and effectively. Carry forward the spirit of not being afraid of hardships and tiredness, and make a daily on-site inspection to ensure the normal operation of the owner's sewage and reuse water equipment.

    McWong Sangang Steel Project Construction Site in Fujian Province

    In accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention documents and the specific implementation requirements of the Engineering Department, the scientific and effective response to this sudden epidemic situation, the Sangang Project Department's emergency prevention plan was formulated. Ensure that Sangang effectively responds to sudden outbreaks after resumption of work, minimizes hazards and risks, and protects employee health and life safety. On-site designation of a special person in charge to verify whether the implementation personnel is actually on file, undocumented personnel are not allowed to enter the site.

    On-site daily disinfection work

    McWong Internal Remote Flight Inspection of Safety and Quality of Various Projects

    In late February, the Water Operations Division conducted a remote safety inspection of Chenggang, Wuhu and other projects.

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