Sludge Dewatering Technology

    Release Time:2018-06-07

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    McWong's professional engineers recommend the efficient sludge dewatering equipment, such as belt press, filter press based on the characteristics of feeding sludge and expected solid content of dry cake, space availability, odor control, CAPEX, maintenance and complexities of operation and management.

    Sludge thickening>>

    CAF? Cavitation Air Floatation:

    Dosing and coagulating system + Air Flotation Unit + relevant accessories

    This process needs small footprint but runs reliably and is easy for operation and maintenance. It is a better alternative to supersede the conventional sludge thickener.

    Sludge dewatering >>

    Based on different characteristics of sludge, McWong offers two (2) types of sludge treatment technologies.

    Belt Press>>

    Flocculator + belt press + Non-shaft Screw Conveyor + PAM dosing package + local control panel + relevant accessories

    The process is continuously operated and suitable for municipal, steel, chemicals and other areas of sludge dewatering.

    Filter Press>>

    Feeding pump + Filter Press (with PLC Control Panel, optional: cloth washing device, light curtain) + dry cake hopper + relevant accessories 

    This is a batch process which can provide much drier cake.

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