• Municipal Wastewater Advanced Treatment in Jiangsu

      wastewater Treatment Plant is located in Jiangsu Province. This municipal wastewater treatment project was one of the 25 capital outlay environmental projects under China’s 11th Five-year Plan. The first phase has been completed and put into operation. The wastewater treatment capacity is 20000t/d using the “A2O + Filtration” process followed by disinfection treatment. Effluent water achieved “Class-I” national discharge standards.

    • Beverage Wastewater Treatment

      A Beverage & Food Company is located in the Shanghai. The main products are brand name soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, Smart, Fanta, and Sensation.

    • Municipal Sewage Reuse Treatment

      The first phase of the reuse-water project in Zhejiang was an ancillary project under the master plan. Grade-II effluent from the existing sewage treatment plant, after retreatment with this new facility, is partly backfilled into the inland river system, wetland park, and partly circulated back to the plant as supply water. The design capacity of the equipment for future build-out is 20000 m3/d, and 10000 m3/d for this first phase.

    • Sludge Dewatering Project in Zhejiang Province

      Municipal wastewater treatment plant locates in Zhejiang. This plant treats wastewater from domestic sewage, and from industrial sources such asdyeing and printing factories.(dyeing and printing wastewater accounts for 85% of the total wastewater stream). The treated wastewater is then discharged to the HangZhou bay. It is one of the major wastewater treatment plants in this area.

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