• Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

      The project is reuse water treatment. The treatment process is :pre-treatment + UF + RO. The daily capacity of pre-treatment system is 50000m3/d, and the reuse water system is 1110m3/h.

    • Wastewater

      McWONG is closely involved in projects that are owned by Baosteel Group.The wastewater treatment plant is built to treat the wastewater produced from multiple steel making process lines. The wastewater produced from different process lines is first pretreated before entering into the main wastewater treatment plant.

    • Treatment of Steel Cold Rolling Wastewater

      This wastewater treatment plant is located to the north of the main cold rolling plant building, occupying a total area of 107m×62m. The wastewater is discharged through a wastewater pipe channel for each process production line to the wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater streams containing acid, chromium, concentrated oil & emulsion and diluted oil wastewater.

    • Coke Wastewater Treatment

      The project is expansion project for coking plant. It has built 2 new coke ovens with 55 holes and 6 m diameter. The project is a matched project of phenol cyanogen wastewater treatment. The designed ability is 1440m3/d, the effluent meet the demands of GB16171-2012 for start-ups discharge standard. It achieves the best treatment effect under the limited covers.

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