• Zero Liquid Discharge and Operation

      The water reusing system facility in the 5 million engineering plastics annual production project of Inner Mongolia ChinaCoal New Energy Chemical Co. Ltd was EPC contracted by McWong. The overall capacity of this project is 13,200m3/d including water from the project''s own wastewater equipment and discharged wastewater from water pumping stations and desalination stations.

    • BOO/BOT Project

      The Coke-Methanol Co-production Project Phase-I with 600,000 tons/a production is located at the Anhui Province . The first phase of the startup project is a facility with production capacity of 0.6 million tons/year of methanol, 0.5 million tons/year of acetic acid, and 0.3 million tons/year of EAC. The design capability of industrial water supply plant is 60000m3/d, wastewater treatment is 7440m3/d,and desalination is 20400m3/d.

    • Reuse and ZLD of Coal Industrial Wastewater

      Reuse and ZLD of ethylene glycol wastewater project which affiliates to Yangquan Coal Group is constructed as EPC model by McWONG. The scale of the first phase of the project is 3120m3/d, and the scale of two phase is 1920m3/d.

    • Standard discharge of concentrated water of RO

      This reuse-water project, designed and built by McWong, is currently the largest project of this kind in the world. 14,400 m3/d RO brine is treated to meet the requirements of the “Class-A” Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standards of the Yellow River Basin (Shanxi Section), with COD lower than 50 mg/L, ammonia nitrogen lower than 12 mg/L, total nitrogen lower than 20 mg/L. The project is the largest RO concentrated water treatment system in China.

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